Wednesday, February 16, 2005

John Marshall Law School wins case for accreditation - 2005-02-15 - Atlanta Business Chronicle - "Georgia now has a fifth nationally accredited law school. Midtown's John Marshall Law School ended a decade-long quest to receive accreditation this week when the American Bar Association approved its application."
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podcasting - the experiment. So because I only understand things by tinkering with them, I've decided to tinker with podcasting. I am convinced from an intellectual perspective that this one of the most important net-related developments in a long time. But I need to understand it more than intellectually. Thus, with thanks to Dave Winer and Adam Curry for start-up advice, an experiment in podcasting begins. I have started, however, exactly where they said I should not -- reading written texts. Wired has encouraged me to podcast readings of my columns, and as that was an easy and deadline-related reason to get going, I've made that the beginning. The best of podcasting, I am told and have seen, is not read, but written. Writing in mp3 is something I hope to experiment with soon. Until then, here is 050201 (the first, maybe the only, podcast from February, 2005): A reading of my March column in Wired, read with a very bad cold. (Geeknote: I'm using Brandon Fuller's very cool MT-enclosures, I hope properly.) [Lessig Blog]
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