Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Netcraft: phpBB Site Cracked, Developers Locked Out:"The server hosting the main site for the phpBB bulletin board has been cracked, leaving the development team locked out of its primary server. The open source project's web site was compromised using a vulnerability in a separate program, AWStats, which was announced Jan. 17 and has also been used to hack several popular weblogs in recent days.  "
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Report: City-run Wi-Fi plans could have 'grave flaws' - Computerworld - "City-run wireless broadband networks such as those now under discussion in a number of places, including Chicago, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, New York and San Francisco, haven't been fully studied and are being touted with dubious claims about their benefits, according to a report issued by the New Millennium Research Council.
The Washington-based NMRC is an independent subsidiary of Issue Dynamics Inc., a "consulting firm specializing in public affairs and relationship-management services." Its clients include SBC and Verizon, companies that municipalities would be competing with if their plans to provide Wi-Fi service are realized.
The six authors who worked on the report (download PDF), which was released yesterday, warn that if the proposals aren't studied fully, taxpayers could be left to pay for what could soon be outdated technology. "

OK, let's review.  A consulting outfit that count Verizon and SBC as clients commissions a study that says that local gov'ts are making bad decsions by deploying community wide WiFi nets.  This comes after Verizon lobbies the PA legislature to make Philly's plans to turn the city into a giant hotspot illegal.  The baby bells need to wake up and realize that their time is over.

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